White tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Illustration
Client: Superside
Deliverables: Illustration

A complete rebrand for number one design service platform

Superside has been operating since 2015 and since then it has grown to one of the leading design service platforms offering online services to many major companies. With 2022 they sought to update their brand to reflect the growth they experienced.

The Challenge

When speaking about updating their brand, the biggest challenge came to improving and modernizing illustration style. With illustrations being a large part of brand materials it was vital for them to stand out as uniquely Superside. At the same time we had to make sure they are flexible enough to convey Superside's core principles of diversity and inclusivity through both color and character design. To find that we worked closely with Superside's team exploring styles until we found one that would best fit their brand.

The Solution

We found a solution by diving into Superside's main theme. "Space". By maintaining the theme they have been nurturing from the start we had a clear direction for illustration concepts. Designers in space using the universe as their canvas. Overall we settled on using simplistic character design and instead focused on maintaining visual interest through use of colors and texture while creating a more diverse lineup of characters due to expanding color palette achieving our goal of inclusivity through illustration.

What's next?