White tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Web Design
Client: Lendable
Deliverables: Web Design

Reimagining a platform providing capital and technology to emerging fintech companies

Lendable provides capital to emerging fintech companies and provides technology, asset management, and advisory services to leading investors. Our partnership began with a simple pitch deck and turned into successful cooperation leading to redesigning their website and updating its look. Visit website.

The Challenge

When Lendable approached us to work on their web, they wanted to create a website that would accommodate for their growth and do a better job at communicating with their target audience, both borrowers and investors. Our main challenge was finding Lendable's digital identity. It needed to be modern and clean while maintaining the feel of a fintech company in order to speak to their core audience. 

The Solution

With the redesign our goal was to create a web that clients could use as a base for their future development. One the client can build upon and expand. We did so by establishing the main pages used to communicate with their customers and developing a brand style further by creating a library of graphic assets for them to use. Assisting in providing more enticing visual graphics to showcase their product and services.

What's next?