Dark green tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Illustration
Client: Superside
Deliverables: Illustration

Illustrating a comprehensive guide for marketeers and designers alike

As one of the leading design service platforms, Superside is constantly developing new content and sharing their expertise on hurdles that appear when working with clients. Doing so requires developing new illustration design to follow the content. We partnered with them with that goal in mind. Develop and create unique illustrations that would reflect the guide's mission to the fullest.

The Message

Developing an illustration style from scratch is never an easy task. Even harder was conveying the message guide was trying to tell through illustration medium. What was the message? It was a story of workflow dysfunctions that happen between design and marketing teams when they do not communicate. To convey that message we focused on using two characters in our illustrations, one representing designers, the other marketeers and presented them through a short story of two worlds apart coming together.

Illustration Design

Second challenge was finding a visual language that would stand out, respect existing brand guidelines and convey the guide's core message all at the same time. To tick all of those boxes we used clean and spacious illustration layouts and combined them with simple but unorthodox characters to create key visual interest while maintaining the core message in the focus through character's actions. Respecting the brand guidelines we used two contrasting brand colors on very light backgrounds to create a uniform and stand out style that reflects Superside's personality.

What's next?