Dark green tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Visual Language
Client: Range Beauty
Deliverables: Slide Deck

Continuing to build Range Beauty's brand visual language

Range Beauty is a makeup brand for, as they say, forgotten shades of skin, meaning their primary audience are women of color and people who struggle with eczema and acne.

The Challenge

Range Beauty came to us with very basic branding elements, but missing a clear visual language. Our task was to create a slide deck presentation that will incorporate their existing branding elements and expand it further in order to elevate their brand.

The Solution

To achieve slide deck design that will undoubtedly feel like part of Range Beauty we decided to focus and rely on elements that we can reuse. Elements such as beautiful photography, earthy color palette present in their packaging and very distinct typography and very thin lines used to create blocks and sections. Combined all together we were able to create slide deck that has clean and elegant feel that fits Range Beauty brand of skincare products.

What's next?