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Type: Presentation Design
Client: Evergreen
Deliverables: Powerpoint

Redesigning business presentation deck for REIT's Evergreen capital

As an investment management firm focused on active management for high net investors Evergreen uses business reports to communicate with their clients. They partnered with us to assist them without expertise and develop a presentation deck that would allow them to create data reports with ease.

The Challenge

Creating a presentation template starts with understanding the presentation deck and its content. Understanding the amount and type of information that each slide is trying to convey. Sometimes it means splitting the information from one slide to multiple slides in order to keep it clear and concise.

The Solution

Evergreen presentation deck stays true to their already established branding keeping it professional and interesting both at the same time. By using high contrast surfaces presentation deck establishes a clear hierarchy on each slide making it easy for the viewer to follow achieving the main goal of creating reports that are easy to digest.

What's next?