White tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Presentation Design
Client: Fermata
Deliverables: Slide deck

Developing a modern company slide deck for a business with a vision

In today's marketing space having a slide deck that will properly present a business is no longer a luxury but a requirement. With that in mind Fermata Exchange came to us. Their goal? Elevate their business through an enticing slide deck. One that would allow them to make an impact when communicating their mission and vision to potential clients.

The Challenge

As a new business with no established branding beyond logo, the biggest challenge was creating a distinct branding that will fit their brand image. Developing several slide decks allowed us to gauge the client's vision for his brand and give us a better understanding of the direction they are taking. Once we settled on one style we were able to continue and develop the slide deck they would be able to repeatedly use in their business communication.

The Solution

As a business oriented on promoting sustainable materials in the fashion industry we wanted to create a deck that would reflect both aspects of the business. To do so we curated an earthy color palette combining dark backgrounds with bright colors and paired it with serif typeface and spacious layouts giving an elevated business feel allowing our client to stand out. Final product was an enticing slide deck with stand out visual graphics allowing for clear and concise communication.

What's next?