White tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Branding and Design
Client: LUVA Villas
Deliverables: Concept, Design

Helping LUVA find it's look and stand out in the crowded category

Luva Villas is an agency that offers luxury vacation villas all along the Croatian coast and land. The name is an acronym for "Luxury & Unique Villas". Reflecting on their projects and values, we collaborated with the team from Luva to create a logo and lay the foundation of the branding.

The Challenge

Every branding project begins with a simple question: what message does this brand need to portray? For Luva Villas, instilling trust as they expand their client base was essential, as well as generating a feel for their committed yet contemporary approach. Alongside thorough industry research, we worked closely with the client to establish exactly what style they felt represented their business best.

The Solution

Dark blue in combination with gold and neutral colors give this brand a sense of style and luxury. Simple modern typography dominates the design and in combination with photography gives visual interest to the brand.

What's next?