White tosh design logo wordmark written in sans serif grotesk font
Type: Logo Design and Branding
Client: Abbot & Easton
Deliverables: Concept, Design

Logo level-up for the landscaping experts

When it comes to creating elevated and immersive designs, the young team behind Abbot & Easton use their landscaping prowess to make a unique impact.

We partnered with them with one mission in mind: to create a logo that builds trust with potential clients, all while demonstrating true passion and aesthetic expertise.

The Challenge

Every branding project begins with a simple question: what message does this brand need to portray? For Abbot & Easton, instilling trust as they expand their client base was essential, as well as generating a feel for their committed yet contemporary approach. Alongside thorough industry research, we worked closely with the client to establish exactly what style they felt represented their business best.

The Solution

To tick all of the boxes for this unique brand, we began with a simple, spacious and clean layout system as our foundation. After creating a minimal yet bold logo design, we put together a dynamic colour palette featuring contrasting blues and warm earth tones. This demonstrated a subtle nod to the natural origins of landscaping while allowing them to standout from the crowd. To build their branding portfolio, we incorporated bold colour-blocking, vibrant lifestyle photography and moments of playful disruption–injecting authenticity, personality and creativity into the design.

What's next?