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Type: Web Design
Client: Globys
Deliverables: Web Design

Redesigning the website for Globys, a B2B portal for interactive solutions

Since their beginnings in 2008 Globys has not only changed its look but also a business model. What started as a business of delivering digital experience for telecom providers has since become a B2B Portal Platform for business customers of all sizes, allowing secure transactions between businesses and providers.

Globys today is a global company with thousands of clients interacting with their products every day.

The Challenge

Globys approached us with an extensive project requiring complete redesign of their website. After operating for so long and growing their business their design didn't follow along. We partnered to change that. Uplifting their web platform to reflect their growth and establish trust in order to expand their client base even further.

The Solution

In order to maintain the key look and feel their clients are familiar with we maintained the brand colors and modernized them. Giving the web a fresh coat of color and a more contemporary look. Original website and colors gave a dated look and were not a reflection of Globys modern platform services. Final result came out to the client's satisfaction. A fresh and clean design with a bold approach that would  stand out among competition.

What's next?